November 8, 2008

Zy Matthew

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Zy Matthew was born on Tuesday the 28th of October, at 6:50pm.

He died the next day, at 8:30pm.

Zy fought like a true warrior and was surrounded by love for all of his 26 hours on earth.

His three parents are being cared for by family. Messages can be passed on via Sammi:


October 12, 2008


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Yes, Baby has a genetic syndrome.
Yes, he will have a disability.
Yes, there is a certain amount of grief that comes with saying good bye to some of the dreams we had for Baby.

YES – He is still a beautiful, amazing, precious, hilarious, cheeky, awe inspiring, very much loved little Baby.

His favourite song is ‘Admin’ by his father’s band.
His favourite food is salt and vinegar chips.
Avocado gives him the hick ups.
He loves playing tea parties with his surrogate big sisters. Especially the part where he kicks over the tea pot.
Home learning (practiced with surrogate big sisters in the morning) bores Baby to sleep. Every. Single. Morning.
Much to his surrogate sisters amazement – Baby does not get bored without any toys in Boulanger’s tummy. He is quite happy using her bladder as a trampoline.
Just to prove how spectacular he is, Baby often takes Boulanger’s breath away – literally – by head butting her diaphragm.

Oh yes, Baby, we love you.

October 8, 2008

Three little words – One big change

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Baby has Cri-du-Chat syndrome.

It is uncertain how much he will be effected by this.

It is certain that he is very much loved.

The Cri-du-Chat Support group of Australia has an excellent information page here.

October 3, 2008

Big Words

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At our 24 week ultrasound, we had too much amniotic fluid. They called this “Polyhydramnios”.

That big word scared the shit out of us.

Back at home picking up supplies for a hospital visit, Pink M got onto Google. She just about scared the life out of herself with other big words like, “anencephaly” and “chromosomal abnormalities”

Then we went to hospital and had tests. Lots of tests. With big names.

Maternal causes of polyhydramnios are most often diabetes or infections. Boulanger was all clear.

A scan of Baby was “inconclusive”, but they threw in a couple more big words anyway – “Gestrointestinal abnormalities”.
Oh, and they added “acute” to the front of “polyhydramnios”.

Then another big word – “amniocentesis” – was spoken.
This was followed by a bloody big needle.
Which was followed by a contraction.
Which was followed by another contraction.
Then the very big words, “pre term premature rupture of membranes”.

At this point Blue M decided to introduce Baby to a few smaller words.

“Hey you. Stay. Put.”

Baby was much happier with this style of vocabulary.

To cut all these long words short, here is what we are dealing with:

Baby has atypical Esophageal Atresia. This means that his esophagus hasn’t formed properly. It is fixable by an operation after he is born.
Baby also has a cyst in his esophagus. It is probably unrelated to the atresia. It is not life threatening.
Both of the above conditions are stopping Baby from swallowing amniotic fluid properly, causing it to build up in his water bed.
On top of this Baby’s urine output is quite high. The cause of this remains uncertain. Repeat scans will possible shed some light on this as he grows.

From here Boulanger will have scans twice weekly to manage the polyhydramnios. The specialist is confident of a good outcome.

All 3 parents (and Baby) are now resting at home.

They do not want to hear any more big words for a while.

September 10, 2008

A mother’s pain

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They say that mothers feel their child’s pain – and it seems that even if Baby won’t let Pink M feel him kick, Pink M is at least proving that she feels him.

As we mentioned before, we now have a very kewl baby bump. It is very exciting for all of us, being able to “see” Baby and I really truly love getting fat. Because our baby bump is still quite new, I sometimes neglect to remember that I am now “carrying a wide load” (as Blue M so kindly puts it) and as a result our baby bump keeps getting, well, bumped.

Walking sideways through the sliding doors requires slightly more space than I sometimes remember to allow – Bump.
Standing at the sink doing dishes (ahem) – Bump.
Reaching across the table for something – Bump.

Now, it’s not like I bump into things all that hard, and Baby is certainly well cushioned in his warm, floaty water bed.
But that doesn’t seem to matter to his mother – Because when ever she witnesses one of these unfortunate spatial altercations – she flinches. In pain. Every. Single. Time.

So Baby and I are having a great time walking around bouncing off things while mother M is feeling our pain and hissing at me to be more careful.
And you know what? I quite like that Pink M is taking the pain for us and I hope it continues… All the way through labor!!!!

August 28, 2008

Oh the hormones…

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Boulanger, “Blue M! Thank God you’re here! Where have you been?!! You said you’d be here over an hour ago and I have the most intense nesting instincts kicking in!”

Blue M, “Sorry, Your Greatness, I was busy stocking up on salt and vinegar chips. What do you want now?”

Boulanger, “Oh Blue M… These hormones are just so FULL ON! I’ve been looking around the house and it’s just all wrong! It’s all wrong, Blue M! Look at me, I’m all shaky and out of whack…”

Blue M, “Calm down Boul, what is all wrong?”

Boulanger, “The kitchen. It’s just awful.”

Blue M, “What is so awful about it?”

Boulanger, “Blue M! Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!! LOOK AT IT!!”

Blue M, “OK, you’re going to have to spell it out for me…”

Boulanger, “It’s fillllthhhyyyyyy….. <insert dramatic sob here>”

Blue M, “It’s not that bad is it? There’s a few dishes and stuff but…”

Boulanger, “Dishes? More dishes? I just did a sink full yesterday! Oh Blue M… I don’t think I can keep up with it all! The dishes, the cooking, the cleaning, the hormones… the Baby… It’s just so intense!!!!”

Blue M, “Alright already, I’ll do the dishes!!”

Boulanger (suddenly cheerful), “Thanks Blue M, you’re a champion!”

Blue M, “Yeah yeah, OK. Where’s Pink M anyway? I thought she was supposed to be helping you?”

Bouanger, “Oh she is. She’s cleaning the bathroom.”

OK. Pink M, Blue M – as much as I love milking this pregnancy for everything it is possibly worth (and more)… Enough is enough already! You are both being too damn nice!!!

Seriously, if you don’t put a stop to my madness soon I fear for all of our sanity. Say it with me now… “NO!”

August 16, 2008

Baby Emergency

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Redial – 3rd attempt.

Blue M, “Hello?”

Boulanger, “Oh thank god! How long do you need to answer your damn phone?!”

Blue M, “Boulanger?

Boulanger, “Yes it’s Boulanger! Who else would it be at bloody 11:30 at night?!”

Blue M, “What’s happening?”

Boulanger, “I’ve been calling for over 15 minutes, that’s what’s happening!”

Blue M, “Why? What’s wrong?”

Boulanger, “It’s your son…. He wants chips!”

Blue M, “He what? Speak slower, woman. What are you talking about?”

Boulanger, “CHIPS! We need chips! Salt and vinegar. A BIG packet, not some stupid token little packet. And don’t call me woman.”

Blue M, “Chips?”

Boulanger, “Hooray! YES, Blue M, chips. A big packet of salt and vinegar chips. Hurry would you?”

Blue M, “You want me to bring you chips? Right now?”

Boulanger, “No, Blue M, your son wants you to bring him chips. In a hurry.”

Blue M, “It’s the middle of the night, Boulanger. Can’t you wait until morning?”

Boulanger, “Blue M! Your son… Your own flesh and blood… Half of your very essence… A tiny, helpless, hungry little being… Is telling you he wants food, right now, and you want to deny him sustenance, deny him such a basic need… A need essential to his very survival? Just because it’s night time?!”

Blue M, “Salt and vinegar, was it?”

Boulanger, “Yep. A big packet. And purple gatorade, too – He just got thirsty.”

2 minutes later…

Boulanger, “Hello?”

Blue M, “Pink M is staying with you tonight! Why can’t she get them?”

Boulanger, “Why haven’t you left yet?!”

Blue M, “You are closer to the shops than me. Pink M would be faster.”

Boulanger, “Yes, but she’s sleeping. She looks so peaceful… It would be mean to wake her now. Besides, Boy Baby says he wants his daddy to get them.”

Blue M, “But….”

Boulanger, “Salt and vinegar, Blue M. And don’t forget the purple gatorade.”

Blue M, “OK woman. You win. See you soon.”

*Dial tone*

Boulanger, to a very much awake Pink M, “Damn… I forgot to tell him to get tic tacs.”

Pink M, “Do you think we could make him go back for them after he gets here? Or would that be pushing it?”

Boulanger (yawning), “Depends…”

Pink M (also yawning), “On what?”

Boulanger, “Whether or not we’re still awake when he gets here.”

August 13, 2008


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It’s official!! He’s a BABY!!
And as the youngest Boulanger child is telling everyone within ear shot – He has a penis!!

He is also beginning to show him self. Instead of losing weight, I have started to put on weight (finally), and am now sporting a rather kewl baby bump!!
Before we can put the !!!!’s away, one more announcement…

He moves!!
Boy Baby is now making his presence felt in the form of butterfly dances, which we much prefer to bucket dashes!
The first time I felt him dance was last week, while Blue M was rehearsing with his band. They launched into a rather groovy, reggae number – the only song in which Blue M sings as well as plays and also Pink M’s favourite song. It appears to be Boy Baby’s favourite song, too. Now, each time he hears that song Boy Baby has a little boogie.
(Either that or he is trying to run away!)

Our apologies for the recent lack of updates. After the last bout of sickness we all took some time out to get back on track. As much as I love M&M, and as much as they love us, after too many weeks in too small a space we were all ready to strangle each other. Having now had the absence we needed to make our hearts grow fonder we are back on blogging terms, so posting will hopefully resume as planned.

July 19, 2008


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Boulanger’s mind!

Last seen: Entering hospital

Disappeared: Somewhere between bed rest and horrible glossy magazines

Much loved and sorely missed

Any information greatly appreciated!

July 12, 2008

BBQ for Baby

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“So as you know, we didn’t invite you here because we enjoy your company – We have an announcement to make!”

And that is as far as Blue M got before Pink M took over…

“Ten years ago, Boulanger was the new kid on our circus block. We welcomed her to the family by loosening the screws of the steps to her caravan. She thanked us by unscrewing the hinges of our door. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and even when we left the circus a year later, our family grew stronger than ever.”

“The best thing, I think, about having a family of loose screws – is that we are always there to support each other. Together, we’ve battled depression, we’ve fought cancer, we’ve faced death and although as individuals we’ve come unhinged more than once, as a family we made it to the “other side”.. So to speak..”

Boulanger’s turn…

“Eight years ago, cancer took away Pink M’s ability to carry children. Three years ago, death took away one of the Boulanger family creators. As individuals, our ability to create children has come unhinged, but as a family, we are still as strong as ever.

“Four months ago, M&M created a child of their own. Three months ago, their Baby decided I would be a suitable growing place… Yes – We are pregnant!”

Then Blue M made one last comment…

“With absolutely no screwing involved – We knocked up Boulanger!”

But thankfully no one heard him.

They were too busy cheering.

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