July 12, 2008

BBQ for Baby

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“So as you know, we didn’t invite you here because we enjoy your company – We have an announcement to make!”

And that is as far as Blue M got before Pink M took over…

“Ten years ago, Boulanger was the new kid on our circus block. We welcomed her to the family by loosening the screws of the steps to her caravan. She thanked us by unscrewing the hinges of our door. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and even when we left the circus a year later, our family grew stronger than ever.”

“The best thing, I think, about having a family of loose screws – is that we are always there to support each other. Together, we’ve battled depression, we’ve fought cancer, we’ve faced death and although as individuals we’ve come unhinged more than once, as a family we made it to the “other side”.. So to speak..”

Boulanger’s turn…

“Eight years ago, cancer took away Pink M’s ability to carry children. Three years ago, death took away one of the Boulanger family creators. As individuals, our ability to create children has come unhinged, but as a family, we are still as strong as ever.

“Four months ago, M&M created a child of their own. Three months ago, their Baby decided I would be a suitable growing place… Yes – We are pregnant!”

Then Blue M made one last comment…

“With absolutely no screwing involved – We knocked up Boulanger!”

But thankfully no one heard him.

They were too busy cheering.



  1. Lani said,

    What a fabulous speech. I bet it is such a relief to have shared your story and the secretly growing baby with your friends and ‘family.’ Poor Blue M losing his excellent punch line amidst cheering 🙂

  2. Sammi said,

    Wonderful baby bash my darlings. Very you. Sorry you couldn’t stomach the cake Boul. It’s a good thing me and the b girls were there to help hey?
    You know, you guys are the best family on the block!
    Love Sammi xoxo

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